Flat Fire Update

Hello friends! Unfortunately, this is a sad update. The wonderful communities of Agness, Oak Flat and surrounding areas are currently dealing with a rapidly growing forest fire. To be clear, this is not a naturally occurring “wildfire” – this was human caused. There is some speculation on the cause of the fire, which fire investigators will ultimately reveal once a complete investigation has been conducted.

Our trails coordinator, Eddie Kessler from Ptarmigan Ptrails, was in the area at the time with a couple of other board members, some family, and one of his trail crew, riding and enjoying this beautiful area when the fire erupted and was able to witness first-hand the start of what has grown to thousands of acres.

Multiple fire agencies are doing their best to contain the fire and most importantly, protect human life and critical structures in the area. However, as your trail advocacy group – we did want to share our perspective on the situation and give some updates on the trails in the area which could be affected, or have already been.

Please see the PDF document found at this link for a message from Eddie.