6-Hour Lap Chase

Saturday May 30th ~ 10am-4pm

Proudly fueled by 7 Devils!

Do you have what it takes? Join local riders and WRCMBA for our 2nd Annual Whiskey Chaser Fundraiser!
This is a 6-hour Lap Chase: riders compete to see how many laps they can complete on a designated course at the Whiskey Run Trail System in the Coos County Forest while raising money and awareness for our local world-class trail system.
Beer for purchase from 7 Devil’s Brewing Company for those 21+, free hotdogs and chips from Coos County Commissioners, and probably some spontaneous live music! (and definitely whiskey)
Bikers can ride solo, duo, or 3-5 person teams.
All participants will receive a commemorative low-ball glass etched with the Whiskey Chaser logo.

Registration will open Monday, Feb 24th at 7pm!! $20/entry/person

Do we really ride for 6 hours?

Yes absolutely, and it usually turns out to be longer! But you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to. Duo and 3 to 5 person teams are allowed; these are all classified as co-ed teams. Girls = Boys in mountain biking around these parts.
You/your team must continue to ride until the 6 hour mark passes. Which means: if you/your team cross the finish-line at 5:59:59 you/your team will be required to go back out for another lap or suffer a DNF (Did Not Finish). So, in almost all cases (unless you’re extremely exceptional at your timing) you/your team will be racing and finishing your last lap after the 6 hour mark has passed. Remember: those with the most laps + fastest finish time win!
Promptly at 10am, we will be starting LeMans Style/Standing Start, where riders run to their bikes before jumping on and pedaling away for their first lap. Riders should have their bikes in place no later than 9:50am.

How much does it cost?

The fee is $20 per competitor. Solo rider = $20; team of 5 = $100.
All proceeds go directly to WRCMBA, the local non-profit mountain biking club for the area. WRCMBA helps maintain trails across the region (specifically the Whiskey Run Trails you will be riding on), while promoting mountain biking education, youth events, supporting our local NICA team, and development of more trails. Join WRCMBA today!

Are E-Bikes allowed?

Is cheating allowed? No. Sorry this race is for two pistons only- your right and left legs. No motorized bicycles, pedal assist bikes, scooters, mopeds, or hoverboards allowed. And on that note: Absolutely No Cheating! If you cheat, or we find out you cheat in any way, you will be disqualified, publicly shamed, tar and feathered, and never allowed to participate in any WRCMBA event again. Don’t be a cheater, be a role model. Ride the whole course like it’s prepared or suffer the consequences.

Things to think about

As with all mountain biking events, rides, or races, hydration and nutrition are paramount. Have a nutrition plan so you don’t bonk. This is a long ride for the solo rider; expect to complete a 5 mile lap every 40 minutes to 1 hour, in some cases up to 1.5 hours. Distance is roughly 5 miles x 6-hours = 30 miles or more! And that’s for the average bikers.
Yes, this course is shorter than last year, but it’s way more fun and a whole lot more challenging…. get those climbing legs ready!
If you are riding solo it’s helpful to have a pit crew or someone to refill your water bottles, keep you fueled, and fix any mechanicals along the way.
Riders are encouraged to carry trail repair tools and basic first-aid supplies on course in the case of flat tires, as well as bike or body issues.

Forming a team

Endurance competitions are a fun challenge to test your body and most importantly your mind. Determine how much you want to ride and how competitive you want to be. Check the course map for elevation and trail features to determine your pace. If you have a fairly slower group of riding buddies, we suggest 3 to 4 people per team, we want everyone in your team to ride at least one lap! Faster riders will complete this lap in about 40 minutes, while slower, not-too-competitive riders will take about 1 to complete this lap. You can do the math.
Form a team by convincing your riding buddies to join you on this test of endurance, maybe buy them a beer (or 2). As the Team Captain: all you need to know is each teammate’s complete name, nickname (if they have one), date of birth, gender, and email.
All duo and 3-5 person teams are co-ed. You can have all ladies or all dudes, or mix-n-match, the choice is yours.

I want to race singlespeed/tandem/unicycle/fixie/fat-bike, what about my special category?

Great, good for you. We love riding our singlespeeds just as much as the next plaid and jorts dude. You’ll get some recognition in the form of extra beer-ups, a shot of whiskey, or high-fives. But, if you win on your ss/tandem/unicycle/fixie/fattie then you are truly the king/queen, and we are not worthy. You can have bragging rights for the rest of your life. So make it count you filthy animals!


Whiskey Run Trails are located in the Coos County Forest and are easily accessible from Bandon (7-10 minutes) or Coos Bay (20-30 minutes). From Highway 101 take West Beaver Hill Road west (that’s towards the ocean y’all). This year we will be hosting the race from the new upper parking area off Beaver Hill Road where we will have sweeping ocean views, plenty of places for the beer garden and team tents. PLEASE NOTE: this new set up is in the elements- sun, wind, no trees. So please stake down all tents, and secure all belongings; bring the lawn chairs and enjoy the sun!

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY! We will be starting the 1st lap with a LeMans Style Start/ Standing Start where rider will run to their bicycle, jump on, and start the lap.

Coming from out of town? Camping is available at Bullard’s Beach State Park (reserve well ahead of time). Consider staying at one of Bandon’s fine hotels or in Coos Bay. There’s also ample AirBNB rentals in the area. Here’s a few we recommend:

What about parking?

Parking is limited at the trail system and in the Coos County Forest. One vehicle per team please= carpool! We will be directing parking at the time of the event. Solo riders will have priority parking closest to the entrance. All teams will file in along the upper logging road and Beaver Hill. Competitor tent area is located further along the logging road, so come early to walk in and set up your space for the day. Please be aware of traffic on Beaver Hill Road and always use caution when crossing. No loose dogs or children, please keep them under leash.
All spectator vehicles should please give competitors parking priorities.
Pack out all trash and belongings.

What if I want to come with my family but I don’t want to compete?

Kids? Non-competitors? Cheering section? No problem! There’s some great view points at the Whiskey Run Main lot where Copperhead Road crosses, along the dirt road near Papa Wheelie and at the top above Wing and A Prayer. Park down at The Snag Lower Trailhead Parking or Main Lot/Hollerback side and enjoy the trails here while other family members compete. Casual riding will be allowed on all trails WEST of Whiskey Run Road including Hollerback system; Bootlegger; Dirty Dishes; and The Snag. See TrailForks for a map of the area.
There will be ABSOLUTELY NO CASUAL RIDERS ALLOWED ON THE COURSE or any trails EAST of Whiskey Run Road during the ride (Phase 2 side). This is for your safety and the safety of our competitors. Spectators are welcome and encouraged but please STAY OFF THE COURSE TRAILS AT ALL TIMES!

Cow bells recommended! Beer-ups encouraged!