HEADS UP! Winchester Trails Harvest

Coos County Forestry is going to be falling timber and building haul roads starting this week.  Let us start by saying…this is part of the process and the county has been very forthcoming with info and supportive of our grant writing program to restore Winchester Trails post harvest! [Read: more trails coming soon]

Main trails within Winchester area will be closed for a while until the timber falling is complete.  We’ve attached a map that includes red polygons where operations will be ongoing likely until mid summer. 

The immediate harvests will affect the following trails:

  • Flying W
  • 8-Ball
  • Stealth
  • South Dunstable
  • Small corner of Hanz

Please don’t be a jerk. Stay safely OUT of the harvest area. You’ll just be damaging our reputation with the county and funders. Trees do fall and Mechanized shovels will crush you.

Ride the open trails.

Remember, It’s just one season of rolling closures while we get the trail system back up to standards. We will also be reopening these closed trails after harvest and building a bunch more new trail. More info on that exciting news coming soon!

See y’all on the trails!

Shaded area is closed area for logging operations