Whiskey Run Trails Update


Trail Update for 11/6/17

Hey folks, Erin here. I am currently working on a full GPS trail map for the Whiskey Run Trails, with temporary signage, and I was out there today, cautiously, on fatbike. I will have a map posted shortly.

I want to say I’m so impressed with the build-team for the phenomenal work they did on such an incredibly, well-draining, and sustainable trail. I only encountered a few “problem spots” as well as a falling tree, which I informed Ptarmigan Ptrails about. I cleared the Hollerback Trail (main loop accessible from parking lot) and a few other trails such as Dirty Dishes (Josh’s Trail) and Well Shot (Jason’s Trail) of downed branches and debris from the recent rain storm.

I’m giving the Yellow Signal that for today and tomorrow the trails can be cautiously ridden on a fat tire or mid-fat bike without much issue. The upper trail that runs through blacklock soils (called Captain Blacklock) is a bit wet in areas and I suggest a no-go on that “out-and-back”. It is the newest addition to the system so it makes sense that it isn’t quite solid yet.

We have a forecast of over 9″ (seriously!) of rain the next few days starting Wednesday. Please avoid the trails after Wednesday’s oncoming storm and give significant time for drying if the weather ever clears.

For now, go out cautiously, knowing it’s still soft in some areas.