Illinois River Trail Rider Report

Hi All! Just wanted to share a great update from a fellow rider regarding the Illinois River Trail. So if anyone is thinking of riding there in the next few weeks, this is a great report. I’ll just copy and paste his report.

I recently rode the Illinois river trail #1161 from Oakflat to Indigo Creek.
The 3 miles to Buzzards Roost had several downed trees and a few root wads.
Most were easy to lift over and a few took some effort.
The 2 miles from Buzzards to Indigo Creek bridge had less downed trees to deal with but lots of annoying brush over hanging the trail that slowed progress.
The entrance to the Indigo Creek bridge had a small brushy root wad that took some effort to get around and could easily be cleaned up with a power saw.
My goal was to get to Frantz Ranch another 1-1/2  beyond the Indigo Creek but a downed tree just after the bridge looked like too much work to negotiate so I turned around.
What an incredible trail we get to ride with the views.
In retrospect it was not smart to ride the trail solo because of the exposure and the brush wanting to push you off.
I found myself riding with the seat post low to better catch myself if needed.
I look forward to riding this trail with other riders and less obstructions.