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Tentative "Soft Opening"

I will post more details, but please mark your calendars (in pencil) for November 18th. The Coos County is planning a "soft opening" of the new Whiskey Run Trails and we have been asked to join and show our support and GRATITUDE to Coos County, Coos County Forest, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance, Travel Oregon and other contributing members who helped make Whiskey Run Trail System a reality for us lowly, dirty biking folks.

More details to come!

11AM is the start time for the Soft Opener. If it continues to rain, maybe leave the bikes at home, or bring a fat bike, and come support the County on its unofficial trail opening.

Also- I met with the fine folks of Oregon Rides who will be helping with our super awesome Whiskey Run Launch Party/Festival in 2018. So get excited for some fun things!