Solo-Dig Trails that Need LOVE <3

Check our our list of Trail Maintenance projects that could use your help.


~ Please make sure you are an experienced volunteer and you’ve been to a few of our volunteer days, so you do not cause any more damage or harm to the professionally built trails in our area. Or choose a simple activity like raking fallen debris or cutting out a fallen log. Reshaping of berms and jumps is NOT ALLOWED unless you are a WRCMBA official club trail crew member!
~ Please use the appropriate TOOLS for the job- using a Pulaski to trench in a drainage across a new flow trail is NOT the right tool for the job. We will upload a handy video showing how to use a FLAT SHOVEL to ensure the proper sheet flow of a trail without ruining the tread, shortly, so look for that on our website and Facebook. Check out the rolling grade dip/reversal image below, notice there are no Pulaski trenches, but instead a smooth out-slope for water to run off the trail. Grade reversals are built into new trails and are abundant at Whiskey Run. Keeping these small out-slopes/drainages clear on the downhill side will ensure water does not collect at low points, therefore there will be no need for a sharp trench. Use a flat shovel to remove needles and debris from the grade reversal/out-slope.
~ Keep your distance from other volunteers in your group and disinfect tools and touch points as necessary. Be aware of other trail users.
~ Record your work hours on Trail Forks by clicking “Add Trail Report,” choose the trail you worked on, and scroll to where you can “Add Work Report.” If you’re unfamiliar with this system, just email the hours you worked, # of volunteers, and which trail you worked on and we will update Trail Forks for you.

A rolling grade dip helps direct water off trail.

Trails and Projects

  • Clean drainages on: (NO PULASKI’S/HOES! FLAT SHOVELS ONLY!!!)
    • Hollerback
    • Wellshot
    • Sir Lance-a-Lot
    • Blacklock
    • Bootlegger
    • White Lighting
    • Lower Copperhead
  • Remove loose sand:
    • New Bones
    • Joe Ben and Jerry’s
    • Hey Bub
    • Hot Lap
  • Cut brush back:
    • All of the Snag trails
  • Gravel the rest of the mud holes on Upper Copperhead
  • Lower Rogue River Trail
    • Clear fallen trees (saw cert required)
    • Cut back brush
    • Rake/shape
  • Pine Grove Trail
    • Fix lower 1 mile of trail