Thanks for all the volunteers that showed up this year to help us fulfill our grant requirements! This trail is a destination and gem for the South Coast and we appreciate all your help fixing it up for all to enjoy!

Just in case we didn’t completed all the hours and need to tack on a few more, we are inviting everyone for a “Flow Test” Ride. More details will emerge, check our Facebook Page and Club Calendar.

Date: Saturday October 13th, 2018

Where & When: Meet at 9am at the LRRT Trailhead off N. Bank Rogue River Road. Parking is VERY limited, carpooling from Lobster Creek Bridge is recommended for all.

What: Most likely we will conduct this as an out-and-back ride starting and ending on the Gold Beach side. If anyone is interested in shuttling or being picked up in Agnes, email the club or attend our October meeting to learn more and coordinate. This is an arduous 13 mile (one-way) ride. See more details on TrailForks.

Bring: Bike, helmet, and everything you would need for an unsupported 26 mile ride.

More info: email info@wrcmba.com for any questions you may have.