Why Join WRCMBA?

We are a regional IMBA Chapter for the Wild Rivers Coast region of Northern California to Southern Oregon. Your membership helps directly support our efforts for trail construction and maintenance, as well as cover operating budgets and help us put on community events.

We are a fully volunteer run and lead, 501(c)3 organization serving the Wild Rivers Coast area from Del Norte County, CA to Coos County, OR. If you ride mountain bikes and live in the area, we need you!

The more help and support we get through donations, memberships, and volunteer hours, the more WRCMBA can do for you and your community! If you want more diverse trail riding options, better maintained trails and parks, and access to some of the Coast’s most spectacular natural places, join now. With your help, we can help bring in a sustainable tourism economy, promote healthier families and lifestyles in our rural area, and keep public access to our public lands open. Join today through IMBA and receive immediate benefits and some awesome promo codes to help fuel your healthy biking addiction!

Our monthly Club Board and Member Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of every month and rotate between South, Central, and North Regions each month. Visit us on Facebook or check out Calendar for more details.

Want to donate a little more to help make the Coast and even better place to ride? Click the Donate button for a secure Pay Pal transaction.