About Us

The Wild Rivers Coast Mountain Bicycling Association is 501(c)(3) and member of IMBA, representing the Southern Oregon Coast and Northern California Area (aka Wild Rivers Coast).


Our Mission

Wild Rivers Coast Mountain Bicycling Association is a nonprofit educational association whose mission is to protect, create, enhance, and preserve quality trail experiences for all levels of mountain bicyclists in Curry County and surrounding area.

Our Story

“It seems as if all it took was for two people to get excited about mountain biking and it just took off.”  Mia.

This about sums up how our club got started.  Two of us traveled around Oregon for a year biking and searching for trails and realized the Wild Rivers Coast area was a blackhole for trails.  Friends connected with friends and found a common passion in mountain biking.  Bikes were pulled out of the corners and dusted off, and our club formed on the idea we wanted trails, miles and miles of trails.

Our Purpose

  • Promote responsible and sustainable trail use in cooperation with other trail users.
  • Support volunteer trail work.
  • Assist and create positive relationships with land managers.
  • Develop an integrated trail community that aims to preserve and enhance access for mountain bicyclists.
  • Ensuring the future of mountain biking in Curry County and surrounding area.
  • Educate cyclists and non-cyclists about mountain biking and provide information on building legal trails.
  • Encourage youth involvement.
  • Establish community trail networks with appropriate mapping and signage.
  • Trail user education.


Board Members

Our board members are volunteers. It takes dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers to lead the club in the right direction. If you’re interested in participating as a Board Member, please contact the club and attend a monthly club Meeting for more details.

Co-Chairs: Anthony Darling & Nic McNair

Secretary: Erin Kessler

Treasurer: Mike Meyers

Board Members: Mike Simpson, Chris Ell, Hap Flynn, Adam DeMarzo, Tom Latimer, Susan Giovannetti, David Hernandez

Member at Large: Ed Kessler


Our Committees tend to change with the needs of the club with the exception of a few key groups. As we build our reputation and follow our direction, we will add and remove committees as necessary. We need your help to make the club run smoothly and keep momentum rolling. Join a committee today!

Trail Care Crew

Fundraiser Committee

Calendar & Events Committee

Social Media/Web Committee