Pine Grove Group Ride

What are you doing this Saturday? Come ride Pine Grove with WRCMBA!

This is probably Gold Beach’s best downhill ride, but it’s been closed for the past couple years due to some silly politics… But now, it’s open AND our friends at CCPLA just brushed it! 


This is a 6(ish) mile downhill ride that ends in Agness (food and beer!) It’s fairly technical with plenty of roots and rocks and a couple steep shoots that some may choose to walk. We will see some ridge-top meadows and views of the Rogue River as we descend to the lower trailhead at the Illinois River Bridge in Agness. 

Where and when:

We will meet at the Lobster Creek Bridge pullout (South Bank of the river) at 9:00am and head up from there. We’ll find a good spot to park close to Agness and get shuttled to the upper trailhead. Prepare for hot weather! 


It looks like the Rogue River Triathlon will be happening the same day, so there will be lots of people in Agness. It won’t effect our ride but Cougar Lane will likely be packed so plan accordingly.
PLEASE RSVP with an attending board member or reply on FACEBOOK. Thanks!