Upcoming Board and Members Meeting

Coming Up Monday, October 8th is our Monthly Board & Members Meeting.

Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you want to learn more about the club, you’re an existing or prospective member, or interested in helping out as a committee leader.

This month’s meeting is in Gold Beach, Oregon at Anthony Darling’s house up Hunter Creek Road. Weather is looking good, so we’ll do it in the backyard. We’ll have burgers and dogs ready at 6:30pm and a campfire going. If you feel obligated you can bring a side dish or a beverage of choice. Anthony has a Red Ale on tap right now. People can show up at 6 if they want. Pump track is riding good, so bring your bike if you want, but there are bikes here people can use as well.

Details below:

  • When: Monday October 8th @ 6:30pm (6pm if you want to come early to ride)
  • Where: The Darling’s House-  28226 Mateer rd. Gold Beach, OR 97444
  • What: Club Board & Members Meeting with BBQ and a backyard pumptrack!
  • Who: Everyone interested in learning more about the club, riding a backyard pumptrack, and hanging out!