Oregon Trails Summit

Board Member, Erin Kessler, attended the 2017 Oregon Trails Summit in Bend this past weekend.

The general take away is this:

Local clubs need more volunteers and club members to get more funding, to get more boots on the ground, and to get more trails built.

This is a Call To Action!

We have been building a positive relationship with Coos County Forest and other local organizations and government agencies such as Coos County and Wild Rivers Coast Alliance. We look forward to helping apply for more grants and supporting more funding opportunities for new trails in the Whiskey Run Area in the coming years.

If you have been out enjoying the Coos County trails be sure to consider donating to Wild Rivers Coast Aliance or WRCMBA, and continue your public support of the relationships we are building in our communities. Your contribution and vocal support will help us bring more trails to you for your and your family’s enjoyment.