Lobster Creek Trail Crew Training Jan 28 & 29th – UPDATE!!

Looks like the weather is cooperating!!!   We will plan Sunday activities during the campfire session Saturday night.  Word on the street says Sunday participation will be minimal so we’ll play it by ear. Please bring a long sleeve shirt, safety glasses, sturdy boots and gloves.  We will provide additional safety equipment as needed.

Text or call Steve D at (phiv-for-1) six niner ate – ate 4 six four if you have specific questions that are not addressed below.

Location: Lobster Creek Camp

Google Drop Pin for the entrance to the camp off of the Lobster Creek haul road https://goo.gl/maps/hWvcGPpcBgM2

Use caution while driving this road.  Recent storms have compromised the areas in many places. It will take over 45 minutes to get to the camp from downtown Gold Beach so plan accordingly.

Saturday January 28th, 2017:

8:30am – 9:00 am -Safety briefing and waiver sign-in

9:00am – 3:00pm – Trail Work

3:00pm onward –  Downhill shuttle runs (bring your lights for the extended session!!)

Camping Saturday night

Sunday January 29th, 2017

TBA  –  Depends on attendance….We may tackle a small trail project with a small crew on Sunday morning and do a few laps on the downhill track…or not.


We will be clearing small-size blow down (moderate amount) and doing some tread work so if you have a McLeod, rake or maddock you can bring along that would be great.  Small branches and debris are abundant.  Most of us travel the woods with a chainsaw so I expect to have plenty of those on hand.  Don’t feel pressured to bring one, as I know there will definitely be 3 on hand.

To augment what club members bring, the County Parks and Rec has supplied us with a selection of hand tools…5 McLeods, 5 Maddocks, 2 rakes, 2 spade shovels, 4 loppers.  The Club will have its new chainsaw, pole saw, and leaf blower on hand.


Potable water is available.

I didn’t see any dry fire wood around so if you have room in your rig please bring some.

Bring your own food and beverages .

We have access to all the buildings at the camp, but plan on bringing your regular car/van/tent camping outfit.  You can decide if you want to stay indoors once you see whats available.  The cabins and A-Frame have mattresses complete with a supply of mice 🙂    There are kitchen facilities (big 6 burner propane stove) and a wood stove in the the Big A-frame but the weather looks good so I think the outside fire pit will be in full swing.  We can run the large generator for lights but its overkill so bring your headlamps.  Nobody will want that thing rattling for a long time.   Warm shower facilities (propane fueled!) are available.

Not sure if people are wanting to camp Friday night.  Please text me at the above number and we will coordinate from there.  I will most likely open the camp after 8pm Friday night.

Hope to see you this weekend!!